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      One of the biggest dangers to motorcycle riders is other motorists who do not see the motorcycle. Even attentive car and truck drivers can overlook the smaller vehicles simply because they are not expecting to see motorcycles amid other traffic. It is the responsibility of a save motorcycle rider to stay visible and ensure other drivers are aware of their presence. There are many tried and true techniques for staying visible while riding a motorcycle.

  • Turn Signals: Obviously, turn signals are very important in communicating your intentions to other motorists while on a motorcycle or any other vehicle. It is important to remember to cancel your turn signal after making the move to avoid confusing other drivers.
  • Headlight: Motorcycles made for sale in the US will have a headlight that is lit whenever the motorcycle is running. Many motorcycle riders will go one step further and use their high beams during the day to make themselves that much more visible.
  • Brake Light: If traffic and time allow, it can be a good idea to flash your brake light by tapping your brakes before decelerating. Since motorcycles weigh so much less than other vehicles they can usually stop quicker too. Warning motorists that you are preparing to decelerate in advance will give them time to slow as well.
  • Clothing: Bright colored motorcycle riding gear will help catch the attention of other drivers. Flashy helmet designs make more than a fashion statement and can also help a motorcycle rider stay visible. Most motorcycle riding gear comes with reflective strips but adding reflective tape to clothing, helmets and the motorcycle itself will help increase visibility.


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