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Mounting the Motorcycle
     Getting on a motorcycle improperly is a great way to knock a bike over. To properly get on the motorcycle, approach from the left side (the side stand side). With your right hand squeeze the front brake lever. Swing your right leg over the seat and slowly shift the weight of the motorcycle off the side stand so that the bike is upright. Balance its weight with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

    Starting the Engine
  • Turn the Fuel Supply Value to ON
  • Turn the Ignition Switch to ON
  • Check to make sure the motorcycle is in neutral. Usually, there will be an indicator light on the control panel. If the bike is in neutral, it should roll freely.
  • Check to make sure the Engine Cut-off switch is in the Run or On position
  • If the engine is cold, turn on the choke
  • Press the starter button or sharply stomp the kick-start lever.

If the motorcycle does not start immediately, some motorcycles have different safety features that will prevent the vehicle from starting. Some motorcycles will not start if the engine is in gear, some will not start if the clutch is not squeezed, some will not start if the side stand is down. Other motorcycles will start if the side stand is down but will kill the engine it is put in gear with the stand down.

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