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     To start riding a motorcycle, it is important to first familiarize yourself with the clutch and its friction zone. Most motorcycles have a "wet clutch" or a clutch bathed in oil. Because of this, it is a viable technique to use the clutch partially engaged without causing as much wear as with a traditional clutch. "Feathering" the clutch, or riding with the clutch in the friction zone can be useful for controlling the bike in low speed maneuvers.

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First, get on the motorcycle and turn the vehicle on. Once you are comfortable with the motorcycle running underneath you, squeeze in the clutch lever with your left hand. With the front brake firmly engaged with your right hand, press down and release the gearshift lever with your left toe. The motorcycle is now in first gear. Release the brake and plant both feet on the ground. Slowly let out the clutch lever until you feel the clutch engage and the bike first start to roll. Squeeze the clutch lever again to stop the motion. You can practice this for a bit to become familiar with the clutch friction zone. Once you feel comfortable with the friction zone and feel in control of the motorcycle, you can start riding in first gear. With the motorcycle in first gear, slowly ease out the clutch. As you feel the clutch enter the friction zone, slowly and smoothly roll on the throttle as you let the clutch lever out all the way. If you release the clutch too quickly with too little throttle the motorcycle will stall and the engine will die. Using too much throttle will cause the motorcycle to quickly lurch forward (potentially dangerously so). Take your first starts slowly, it isn't a race and if you stall it once or twice, it isn't the end of the world. Before you know it, you'll be on the move.

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